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the Phantom of Shadows
the Phantom of Shadows

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PostSubject: Melvin   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:53 pm

Name: Melvin
Gender: Male
Age: 1095
Height: About a feet taller than any wolf.
Weight: He's big enough to be ridden on, but not too large to be considered a vehicle.
Size: Medium
Species: Shadow Wolf
Picture or overall description: Melvin is a shining (yes, shining. As in...shiny) silver wolf. His fur glows bright silver when moonlight hits it. He wears a skeleton-themed armor around his body (black skull mask, paw guards, shin guards, spine to guard his back and tail, and a black rib armor). He has white eyes.
Personality: Melvin is a very silent companion. He shows himself much more RARER than Seth does. To Melvin, Seth's rare appearance is still 'too much' for him to handle.
Morality: Neutral.
He's a neutral person, he never interfered with Rhanta's decisions, and often does things himself, often proving things he did to be the most helpful when Rhanta's in need.
As a wolf:
::Superhuman Reflexes
::Superhuman Senses
As a shadow wolf:
::Can travel through shadows
::Generate and Manipulate Shadows
::Cast out-of-battle spells
::Provide a +50% defense against magical attacks
::Cast Rhanta's spells
As an entity:
::Intelligent; can speak
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