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 ~The Chaos Vendettas~

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: ~The Chaos Vendettas~   Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:55 pm

Chaos Vendetta Leaders:
- Azgalor
Rank A's - Mulgore
- Annihilan

- Sul'Direk
Rank B's - Ik'Turdug
- Zaeltirax

Ranks C-D's - Saul'Kaga (C)
- Saraveras (C)
- Kilu'koras (D)
- Hikod'Draas (D)
- Xeraxes (D)
- Grim'Beroaug (D)

(I'll post the others before the exams... XD)
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~The Chaos Vendettas~
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