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 the Wing Guardian

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PostSubject: the Wing Guardian   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:46 pm

Name: Hera
Gender: Female
Age: 1059 years old
Height: About 10 feet.
Weight: About 165 kgs.
Size: M
Species: Pandorex
Picture or overall description:

-in Activated Mode

(Look at the cute robot in my avatar)
-in Inactive Mode
Personality: Hera is very silent, despite her 'cute' appearance. She's very deadly, slick and agile, and only appears in her activated form once told to. She's very serious, but always in the mood for a few jokes.
Morality: Lawful
She offers her full loyalty to Mara and to Mara only.
In Both Forms:
-immune to technopathic assaults
-able to telepathically communicate with Mara and to other people as she likes it (communication only, she doesn't have telepathy)
-Power Sensing

In Inactive Mode
-Has access to her Activated mode's weapons
-Mass Teleportation
-Can stop Mind Abilities (for 2 posts, recharge of 1 post)

In Active Mode
-Superhuman Speed (with boosters)
-Superhuman Agility
-Superhuman Reflexes
-Flight (with boosters)
-Electricity Manipulation and Generation
-Energy Constructs

(NOTE: All her weapons have a default of laser, energy and plasma attributes. She can have virtually any attribute. She can use that effect for 1 post per 2 posts)
-Missile Pods: she can launch a maximum of 560 miniature missiles towards her opponent.
-Homing Missile: she can launch a maximum of 10 miniature homing missiles towards her target.
-Beam Cannons: from her 'ears', she can launch a light-distance based beam of burning energy
-Gatling Guns: from her sides, she can unleash a 100 bullet/second array of gatling guns
-Machine Guns: from her arms, she has a set of machine guns that she can fire
-Magnetic Shield: from her hips, she can unleash an invisible but charged dome around her or anyone (maximum of 3 people) that makes all attacks have a duration of 2 posts before hitting her/them.
-Wave Beam: unleashes a beam that throws everyone away from their position to a maximum distance of 50 miles.
-Flame Thrower: from her hands
-Electrocuting Beam: from her hands
History: Hera is the last surviving species of robotic pets created for each of the quadruplet Pandora model. Hera of the Pandorex is the last of her kind.
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the Phantom of Shadows
the Phantom of Shadows

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PostSubject: Re: the Wing Guardian   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:47 pm

WOW. Approved
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the Wing Guardian
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