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 the Sword Guardian

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PostSubject: the Sword Guardian   Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:18 pm

Name: Ares
Gender: Male
Age: 1059 years old
Height: About 10 feet
Weight: About 165 kg.
Size: M
Species: Pandorex
Picture or overall description:

In Activated Mode

In Inactive Mode: a small, black pendant that looks like his head.
Personality: Ares is the loud one. He always loves to argue, and often contradicts the ideas of others. He's fast, slick and deadly like his siblings. Unlike them, though, he's more on the melee side, and doesn't have any 'naturally ranged weapon' aside from his katana to use.
Morality: Lawful
He's very loyal to Mara and her goals. Even if Mara has a master, Ares will do everything for the good of Mara.
In Both Forms:
-immune to technopathic assaults
-able to telepathically communicate with Mara and to other people as he likes it (communication only, he doesn't have telepathy)
-Power Sensing

In Inactive Mode:
-Has access to his Activated mode's weapons
-Mass Teleportation
-Can stop Magic Abilities (for 2 posts, recharge of 1 post)

In Activated Mode:
-Flight (with boosters)
-Superhuman Speed (with boosters)
-Darkness and Shadow Manipulation and Generation
-Superhuman Reflexes
-Superhuman Agility
-Fire and Heat Manipulation and Generation
-Flight (Via boosters or wings)

(NOTE: All his weapons have a default of laser, energy and plasma attributes. He can have virtually any attribute. He can use that effect for 1 post per 2 posts)
-Darkness Wings: he unleashes black energy wings that enables Flight
-Adaptive Skin: his black skin blends with the environment, giving him invisibility
-Energy Projectiles: from basically any part of his body, he can produce energy shards that he can use to either protect himself or throw at his enemy
-Energy Clones: he will form up to a maximum of 10 energy clones of himself that can be used to distract
-Shard of Destruction: forms a huge green shard that Ares can only control. He can use it to cut through even diamond. He can also throw this
-Rage Mode: the red veins in his skin will glow, charging him up. Multiplying his strength, speed, agility, reflexes and durability by x3.
-Swift Blade of Undeath: Ares' trademark katana.
::Deflect: it can deflect virtually anything. Once per 5 posts.
::Targeting: Ares can only manipulate the blade, it can fly swiftly to its target.
::Ares Connection: The Swift Blade has all of Ares' abilities and weapons

History: Hera and Mara stole the 2 surviving blueprints of the 3 other Pandorex pets. Ares is one of them.
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the Phantom of Shadows
the Phantom of Shadows

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PostSubject: Re: the Sword Guardian   Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:34 pm

awesome. approved
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the Sword Guardian
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