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 the Gun Guardian

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PostSubject: the Gun Guardian   Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:32 pm

Name: Persephone
Gender: Female
Age: 1059
Height: About 10 feet
Weight: 165 kg
Size: M
Species: Pandorex
Picture or overall description:

In Activated Mode:

In Inactive Mode: A pendant that looks like her upper body.
Personality: Persephone is the surprising type. If she doesn't like you, she immediately attacks. She's hostile and very protective.
Morality: Lawful
Persephone barely speaks.

In Both Forms:
-immune to technopathic assaults
-able to telepathically communicate with Mara and to other people as she likes it (communication only, she doesn't have telepathy)
-Power Sensing

In Inactive Mode:
-Has access to her Activated mode's weapons
-Mass Teleportation
-Can stop any Projectile (for 2 posts, recharge of 1 post)

In Activated Mode:
-Flight (with boosters)
-Superhuman Speed (with boosters)
-Superhuman Durability
-Force Field Generation
-Mass Teleportation
-Metal Manipulation and Generation
-Magnetism Generation and Manipulation

(NOTE: All her weapons have a default of laser, energy and plasma attributes. She can have virtually any attribute. She can use that effect for 1 post per 2 posts)
-Missile Pods: she can launch a maximum of 800 miniature missiles towards her opponent.
-Homing Missile: she can launch a maximum of 30 miniature homing missiles towards her target.
-Beam Cannons: from her chests, she can launch a light-distance based beam of burning energy
-Concentrated Plasma Cannon: from her 'antennas', she can launch a concentrated beam of plasma that, not only can burn everything on its path, but create a miniature black hole that sucks everything for a 5 second duration
-Ultimaton Field: an improved Force Field, it can protect Persephone and 3 other companions from any attack for 3 posts. She can't attack, and this has to be recharged for 5 posts.
-D'jinn Guns: a pair of huge guns that she has instead of hands. They have:
::300 bullet/sec. gatling guns
::Machine Guns of concentrated plasma energy (a smaller version of the C.P.C)
::Laser Projectiles
::Ordinary Bullet Projectiles
::Energy Projectiles

History: Hera and Mara stole the 2 surviving blueprints of the 3 other Pandorex pets. Persephone is one of them.
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the Phantom of Shadows
the Phantom of Shadows

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PostSubject: Re: the Gun Guardian   Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:33 pm

cool. approved
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the Gun Guardian
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