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 Nanatsuki (Haruna/Runa) Motonagakuroto

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PostSubject: Nanatsuki (Haruna/Runa) Motonagakuroto   Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:19 pm

Name: Nanatsuki Motonagakuroto
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 54 kg
:Martial Psyon
:Object Psyon
-Diverse Knowledge with Ninjutsu
-Diverse Knowledge with different Martial Arts
-Diverse Knowledge with all kinds of weapons
-Expert Strategist
-On-the-Spot Tactician
-Thief Master
-Quick Analyst
:Spiritual Energy Generation and Manipulation
:Object-based Abilities
:Energy Manipulation and Generation
:Crystal Manipulation and Generation
:Power Cancellation

Rank: C
Picture or overall description:

Looks-Body: Her body is very well built, and her feminine muscles can easily be noticed when near her. You can easily notice that her hands and feet are built for fighting, and even though she's an assassin, no scars or marks can be noticed.
Looks-Face: She has golden, hawk-like eyes, and purple hair in a modernish appearance.
Looks-Clothing: She wears a pair of black striking shades, and a short purple dress. She wears a pair of purple trousers, and violet boots with gray and black designs. She has a black jacket tied on her hips to become a tasset, and she conceals her weapons somewhere...
Personality: Nanatsuki, though a teen, acts very mature. She uses her skills even at normal conversations. She is very hostile, possibly due to harsh training, and often doesn't speak. She is very choosey of her clients, and work with two conditions: money and power. She avoids contact with even her clients, and makes sure her work is done clean.
Morality: Neutral
Nanatsuki is a hired killer. She doesn't care about morality and will do everything to please her clients. She'll choose her client's morality, and when alone, usually doesn't choose sides and often tries to rise as her own 'individual side'.
Theme Song: Nanka Shiawase
History: Nanatsuki (code named Haruna when she was sent to her 'Mentor', others call her Runa.) was raised in an environment that for any normal person would be 'hell' that for her was 'fun'.

At the age of 6, her parents were killed by mercenaries when their car accidentally passed an 'illegal' area, ruled by an underground assassin group known as the Crescent.

She survived, luckily, but she had a severe wound on her forehead, and through surgery, she luckily survived, though something else happened: she happened to be able to control and generate spiritual energy. She was about to be killed by the members of the Crescent when someone named 'Mentor' defended her and trained her to be a member.

By the age of ten, she was sent to her first assassination mission, and then she got thievery missions, and then stalking missions, until others finally called her Nanatsuki or 'Runa', her nickname. By thirteen, she mastered ninjutsu, and by fifteen, she mastered all known martial arts.

Up till this day, she became a Bounty Hunter, and no one knows what might happen next.

Do I know you from any site?: No
If Yes, you're (who) from what site?: -
If No, you were told about us by?: Surf
RP Sample: She went unnoticed through the banquet. Everyone's wearing expensive outfits, and this was supposed to be the birthday of her 'target': a president of a supercorporation.

She walked swiftly through the band of audiences with grace, dancing with random outfitted boys along the way, and there she finally danced with her target: another dirty old man who touched her at places that shouldn't be touched.

She danced with him towards the empty terrace, and there she did the final move...

She did a swift kick towards the neck of the target, and she made a gesture that sent her to a position where she wrapped her legs around the head of the target. She was just in front of the terrace fences as the guards went bursting inside the terrace. She made a swift 'cracking' gesture, breaking the neck of the target, and she jumped to the forests below.
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PostSubject: Re: Nanatsuki (Haruna/Runa) Motonagakuroto   Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:23 pm

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Nanatsuki (Haruna/Runa) Motonagakuroto
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