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PostSubject: Arakutype   Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:10 pm

Name: Arakutype
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Height: Depends on blob size
Weight: Depends on blob size
Class: Environ

-Biology Maniac
-Has no soul (technically speaking.)

+Biological Manipulation
+Body Part Substitution
+Portal Generation and Manipulation (can go virtually anywhere, except the forbidden areas)
+Molecular Manipulation
+Reality Warping (3 posts usage, 4 recharge)

Rank: B
Picture or overall description:
Looks-Body: A gray blob of goop. Having a mask that covers what seemed to be his face, or where his face should be. The plain white mask is shiny.
Looks-Face: A plain white mask without anything else. Oval in shape and shiny.
Looks-Clothing: No clothes, just a tall blob. Gray.
Personality: Insane, sometimes speaks with what seems to be gurgling in his mouth his own blobby mass. He uses his blobby mass to move around
Morality: Insanely Neutral
Theme Song:

Arakutype is, or lets say was a brilliant scientist and biologist. A despicable and jealous subordinate suddenly disregards Arakutype's order to shut his recent experiment down. Arakutype rushes in to shut it down, it was already too late. The jealous subordinate had locked him inside the chamber. The accident had turned Arakutype into a biological nightmare. A blob that takes all forms of biological weaponry. With this he could have learned so much with the life of animals. However, this had cost him his entire sanity. Losing himself, he quietly slid through the glass pane of the chamber and 'ate' the subordinate. Arakutype then assumed silence and insane convulsions through the remainder of his life.
Do I know you from any site?: No
If Yes, you're (who) from what site?:
If No, you were told about us by?: Surfing the net
RP Sample:

Arakutype quickly slid his way towards the alley. "Must...*gurgle*...find...*vomits a bit* shelter..." He said.
He spots a little kitten..

"Hello my...*vomits* feline companion* Arakutype suddenly opens up his 'torso' and out comes large rib like appendages. They grab the kitten and seemingly devours it. "...*gurgle* Yum...* Arakutype suddenly grows leathery wings from his back. "This place....*gurgle* I hate IT!...*gurgles louder*" Arakutype suddenly flaps its wings, pieces of himself drop on the floor. They disintegrate, at the time they separate from his body.
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the Phantom of Shadows
the Phantom of Shadows

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PostSubject: Re: Arakutype   Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:17 pm

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