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 The Dissapointment

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: The Dissapointment   The Dissapointment I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 09, 2010 1:33 pm

Samael was so disappointed with what the war took place, one versus many is a very small chance to pull of. But still he wins, Samael walked in front of an old symbol in the Halls of the Titan. He touched it and said something to it, a gate to a distant realm opened. Leaving Terrormourne behind, he didn't looked back. He continuously walked inside the portal and was transported into Kane's World, but still he moves on.

He crossed fires of eternal flame, he stopped and looked below. The fire scorching his skin was unmatched he simply whispered to himself "Feels like home".

As he continues forward a massive structure made out of red Obsidian Stone, a towering wall of corruption stood there. A gate built just like a mouth suddenly opens. Samael entered and yells of the inocent lingers the halls.

Back at Cyberspace, the Throne Room was empty, only Terrormourne was there, floating on it's pedestal and blueish aura was circling it.

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The Dissapointment
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