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 Zeta / Omicron Tattoo

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PostSubject: Zeta / Omicron Tattoo   Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:32 am

Name: Zeta / Omicron Tattoo
Type of Item:
Picture or Overall description: Around the arms of Gamer01 lies imprinted on his skin, the 2D pictures of both Omicron and Zeta. Awaiting command.
Tattoo Form
-Omicron Tattoo-
~Fire Manipulation and Generation
~Winged Flight
-Zeta Tattoo-
~Metal/Steel Manipulation and Generation
~Illusion Eliminate (All Duplicates/Illusions of any kind will be terminated. 2 post recharge)

Omicron and Zeta can be summoned forth, but the Tattoo powers will be null for the time they are summoned.

Omicron Lasts for 5 posts then returns to tattoo form.
-Fire Breath
-Air Manipulation and Generation
-Sonic Speed
-Magical Repulsion (All Magical attacks will automatically be returned to the attacker. every 2 posts)

Zeta Lasts for 5 posts then returns to tattoo form.
-SuperHuman Speed
-Osmosian (Ability to copy the molecular structure of an object)
-Steel/Metal Manipulation and Generation
-Psychic Weapons

Code Bond (The series of codes are tightly wound that the system reads that the item is part of Gamer and therefore cannot be removed or taken from Gamer01)

Weakness: Its a tattoo
Strengths: It's abilities.
History: Greek's pets.

Imported or Not?:
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PostSubject: Re: Zeta / Omicron Tattoo   Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:07 pm


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Zeta / Omicron Tattoo
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