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 Divide and Conquer! part 5

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Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: Divide and Conquer! part 5   Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:37 pm

The place was dark as the void, only the high tech doodads were there creating minimal sounds. The assumed trees that were replicas stood, swaying in the wind. There the Spine, the Overmind, the two Generals were there.

"Quiet isn't it?" said Rudolf von Sturmgeist.
"Indeed it is..." said the Overmind.

"Commence base operations!"

"Roger that!"
"TK-142 here, copy that command."

The Floating Structural buildings were on top, it suddenly came down and lands. A small quake rocks the entire region but there is no harm to them.

"A success... another taking for the Empire!"
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Divide and Conquer! part 5
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