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 The Scar of the Great War

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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The Scar of the Great War Left_bar_bleue10000/10000The Scar of the Great War Empty_bar_bleue  (10000/10000)

The Scar of the Great War Empty
PostSubject: The Scar of the Great War   The Scar of the Great War I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2011 1:32 pm

The main screen loaded, and the teacher typed in commands. Unlike others, the teacher only needed fifteen seconds to type in the commands. He pressed enter, and the big circular platform gleamed with red light.
He used the mouse and clicked a button named “Automatic”. The screen then turned to a timer.
“Set destination key,” the computer asked.
“Area 000134215-CBS Learn,” said the teacher.
The teacher typed at the very end of the sets of zeroes: 00”00”05.
The teacher clicked the button named “Set” and then suddenly ran towards the platform as the speakers of the computer started to count,
Each unlit bulb on each of the pillars was suddenly lit. They all did, in a formation, clockwise position. Everyone closed their eyes. The supercomputer won’t allow anyone to enter Cyberspace without closing their eyes, for the process is very lethal to them, some incidents when the Cyberspace is still in Beta that some people lost their eyesight while in the process.
All the lights were lit, and the platform turned blue. The lights shone brighter, brighter, and brighter. It was so bright that no one can even see in the bright light.
But here’s what happened inside the bright light. Holographic screens in green appeared, several, and many. They are all loading screens. Some are about landscape, or characters. Some screens are also loading for audio or video references. But when some are finish, they disappear.
“Initiating Cyberspace Transfer,”
Now, what happened to them is like what happens in the event horizon. Each of their atoms separated, until their bodies cannot be seen anymore, but they can see lots of small dice that is the same as the color of their suits floating in the air, but in the kind of technology as of theirs, the feeling was painless.
Then suddenly, the dice particles of their bodies are spread in all directions, and then it disappeared.

Welcome to Cyberspace.

But the world that you've newly arrived wasn't that pleasant at all. A sand storm suddenly engulfed you up , your mouth quickly dries out and sweat. The once lush and fertile world that you wish you could have changed. What happened here? You asked your self. And the answer is "I do not know".

A figure come out of the horizon and it came nearer and nearer every second, a burned corpse walking. The skin from it was badly scorched that almost every part of it's face was erased or was removed. It fell on the ground and called out for your help. "Water... water..." But you have nothing on you. The corpse lately took its final breath and passed away. But it was pointing it's towards a road sign and states "Noave-Ubri, and Scarred Lands". The sandstorm now gone, and you looked around and the landscape was a...

The Scar of the Great War 918428_20090116_screen003
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The Scar of the Great War
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