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 CyberSpace begins anew.

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CyberSpace begins anew. Empty
PostSubject: CyberSpace begins anew.   CyberSpace begins anew. I_icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 10:18 pm

Jump Point, a planet brimming with life and challenges. Here, Players come by to accept the challenge that is the world of CyberSpace and face the trials that are forced upon them.

Novae Urbi, found in the Eastern Continent known as Dextral, is the beginners city. Every character starts out here, every journey and adventure.

Current Story:

Noctum City, Novae Urbi's sister city, is struck down. A powerful power source has been spotted moving in on the city itself before its downfall. Now the power source has been situated in the very center of the fallen city.

Suspects are creatures native to LeyFall, the western continent. Novae Urbi has been constantly pumping out troops to help reclaim the taken city but to no avail. The creatures suddenly became stronger and could no longer be controlled. LeyFall was soon lost to the natives and all communication was ended. The City of Ships itself drifted away from the shoreline of the devastated continent to reduce the chances of LeyFall creatures coming to Dextral but somehow, the creatures of LeyFall had found a way to the SunShined Continent and now threatens Novae Urbi. With the surge of dangerous monsters, the cities turn to their champions. The Players. Are you ready to take on the dangerous wave?
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CyberSpace begins anew.
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