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 Quests Rules

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PostSubject: Quests Rules   Quests Rules I_icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2012 10:23 pm


Quests are either given by mods and admins or requested by players. Quests are also ranked and the higher the rank, the higher the amount of Reward Points given.

There are two types of quests. URGENT and TYPICAL.

URGENT Quests are given by mods and admins, and are usually story line quests and give a great amount of Reward Points. This quests are posted in Novae Urbi or in the Rolling Tide Tavern in the City of Ships.

TYPICAL Quests are either requested by players or mods and admins. They can be hard, such as protection quests or as simple as hunting quests. Players will PM an admin a completed sheet and when it is approved a post shall be made for you. The maximum number of players in one mission is four, and once the quest has been approved, no one else may join.

Quest Name: [Name of Quest]
Objectives: [What is the need? What do you need to do?]
Participants: [Who will join you? Maximum of 4 participants including the sender]
Rank: [What is the rank of this quest?]
Location: [Where is this quest going to take place?]
Reward: [How much is the pay? Must be reasonable and around the suggested Reward in the list.]
Description: [Describe the quest, how urgent it is to the client and such.]

Reward Points per Rank:

F-Rank: 50 - 150 points
E-Rank: 151 - 300 points
D-Rank: 301 - 500 points
C-Rank: 501 - 650 points
B-Rank: 651 - 800 points
A-Rank: 801 - 950 points
S-Rank: 951 - 1200 points

Follow these when you create. Be reasonable with the rewards.

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Quests Rules
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