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 The Fallen Goddess of Hope

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: The Fallen Goddess of Hope   The Fallen Goddess of Hope I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 10:38 am

Name: Eonora

Titles: Giver of Life, Daughter of the Three Suns, Great Mother, The Sky Goddess (as described by the Titans)

Gender: Female

Race(s): Man'Ari Eredar, Humanoid, Elf

Location: Unknown

Status: Eternal, Dead (Immortal)(Can't be killed) 'Soon to be Risen'

- Tugudung (son)
- Kane (Husband)
- Salazzar (niece)
- Titans (considers her children)

Alignment: Good, Forgiving, Lawful


The Fallen Goddess of Hope Goddess

History: Eonora was the most powerful of all Gods in all of the known dimensions of the vast void. She gave birth to all powerful and weak, the weird and the veil, evil and cruel. She was the almighty and most powerful of all, but she shows some difficulties in thinking clearly. Eonora gave birth to all creatures and she created almost everything out of nowhere. She also inherits the power of the great skies, when she is angered she drives a rage full blow of a mega storm, it can destroy almost one continent in a single hour. The only way to calm her down is just pray for her and say sorry. She also acts like a childish person, she often do play around and tell jokes. Legend has it when Eonora told a joke to a tree the tree, living land animals suddenly sprrouted out of no where and when she whispered a secret to the ocean, she created oceanic creatures. She later seen an outlander. The man nicknames himself Kane. The both were married and they bore a child. Kane was judgmental and shows superiority. She later noticed something very odd about her husband Kane when she bore a child. But she let's it go and gave birth to Tugudung. When Kane quickly grabbed on to the 'future' Titan King. He suddenly cast a spell of 'instant death' to all. But the body still remains unharmed and cannot be decompose. The poor Eonora never held her hands on her son that faithful day of her glory. She was laid to rest inside a beautiful cherry blossom tree. But that tree was way deep inside Feralmore. Guarded by the unknown creatures of the deep.
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The Fallen Goddess of Hope
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