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 Nagrand's Rage

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: Nagrand's Rage   Nagrand's Rage I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 12:17 pm

Underneath the gaps of the Arden.



"My hatred Burns to the ends of this wretched realm..."

Nagrand's followers were hammering large pieces of Hot Saronite Ores on his back, chest, tail and his jaw area. Battering rams hits large Saronite Nails, nailing it to Nagrand's body itself. He roared in pain and in rage. Then he flapped his wings.

"The world heaves with my Torment..."

His wings made a huge Tsunami at the Digital Sea hitting Ironpoint, killing everything and destroying most of the ships. Nagrand hits the wall in pain. The buildings of Dol-Guldur fell some of it didn't but its majority fell, some died some were lucky enough to escape.

"Its wretched kingdoms quake beneath my rage!!!

Chains was released from his body and a finishing touch, a crystal which Arakun found with the Spine was placed inside of him. Nagrand stood gloriously and gazed, he roared and flew high up in the air.

"But at last the whole world would Break!"

He flew towards the Darkcity, he flew pass buildings and it explodes with pure pressure and heat. Nagrand roared once again and a blasted a wave of air hitting a building and it collapsed. Those who are out were burned and dead fried. Nagrand flew vertically up in the air and folded his wings. He landed on top of Dol-Guldur.

"And all will burn under the shadows of my wings!"

He looked below seeing minions running in fear.

He roared and all of them were blasted away and buildings collapsed. Explosions and other things were blasted away. Nothing can stop him. Nothing.
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Nagrand's Rage
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