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 The Amassed Force of the Arden

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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The Amassed Force of the Arden Empty
PostSubject: The Amassed Force of the Arden   The Amassed Force of the Arden I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 10:07 am

The Arden was now awake, factories were blowing out smoke once again. Metals clang and the burning of metal flowed. More and more of the Titan King's soldiers grew at large and more and more of their weapons and armors were made. The huge hangers to create ships and the Necropolis that awed everyone. Slaves were working as well as the mindless were working along side. The Heat was winning the temperature wars in the Arden.

Alexia was watching high up in her quarters. She saw and sense that a war was coming. She thought if she make the Titan King halt the up-coming war, then all lives will be spared. She quickly ran towards the Strategy Room where the Titan King and his loyal subject were, discussing plans for war. But the guards halt her for not entering the door.

Back at the Arden new Necropolises were made and more, machines of war and personnel of war were produced.

"Let me pass!" Allura said.

But the guards ignored her.

She grumpily showed a mad face, then her hands glowed. She touched the Guard's armor then they were charmed to make her enter.

Allura was now inside a hallway. Skulls that burned bluefire were displayed, as it was like they were alive. Starring right at Allura. She walked with fear but still have the courage to go forth. The collaborations of different rulers from different parts of other demonic dimensions were there. She sneaked behind a pillar listening.

"We must strike them now, or we shall suffer the consequences..."

Then Allura spots the Titan King exiting the Room. She hid behind the Pillar but still he was spotted.

"What are you doing here... If-"

"Stop the attack... please I beg you... PLEASE!"


The Titan King ignored her and walked out the exit. Allura was alone.
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The Amassed Force of the Arden
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