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 Character Classes

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: Character Classes   Character Classes I_icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2012 1:54 pm

A character's Class is defined by a person's Abilities. In this patch of the game, the character's Class is determined by what ability he or she has. This, in effect, can be compared to the Character Classes found in other online games. However, this doesn't effect basic armor and weapon preferences--only the player's style.

Affectors, in a way, affect other people and their abilities. Unlike Erasers who can nullify or weaken abilities, Affectors have powers that can enhance, change, give or alter another person's abilities.

Environs, as the name suggests, are people with powers affecting nature. Unlike Elementalists who can manipulate the main elements, Environs can affect an aspect of their environment.

Telenorms are telepaths and have mind-based powers. Some Telenorms are telepathic, some are telekinetic. They can affect the minds of other people with or without powers.

Elementalists are people with vast access to their favored element. Like Environs, they have access to elements that affect nature, but unlike Environs, they are only exclusive to the major elements.

Improvisers have abilities that affect their physical structure. Unlike Affectors who have abilities that affect others, Improvisers have abilities that benefit only the user. They usually have physical enhancements.

Ferals, like Improvisers, have self-based improvement abilities. However, Ferals gain powers similar to those of animals which include, but is not limited to, shapeshifting like one.

Erasers, unlike Affectors, nullify or weaken another person's ability. It's not usually all kinds of abilities, the most common Eraser ability is the weakening or nullification of certain powers.

Reflectionists are illusion masters. They have powers that help them disguise or cloak themselves. Powers include, but are not limited to, disguising as another being, enhanced shapeshifting and cloaking.

Psyons are beings who have access to non-scientific abilities such as magic or contact with the supernatural. People who are originally Norms who have access to power-giving artifacts are usually classified as Psyons.

Norms are normal people--they do not have abilities.
While a Norm is usually weaker than the regular power-users, an expert will know how to change the odds when they are in a fight.

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Character Classes
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