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 Fleeing the babys...

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: Fleeing the babys...   Fleeing the babys... I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 9:47 am

Under the Throne Room, Nerge's lair was there. During the absence of her master Samael, she was taking care about a million eggs. Nerge keeps them cool as possible, breathing frost fire at them. The eggs has runic patterns just like Nerge's scales, it glows when being warmed.

Soon one egg was jiggling, shaking and cracks were appearing in on top of it. A small wing penetrating the shell, it cried out and it braked the whole egg, breathing it's strong gust of blue fire. Nerge suddenly picked it up in her mouth and cleaned the baby.

The baby dragon was shooting out little streams of fire, it tried to fly but in a fem moments mastered it's wings how to fly.

Soon other eggs started to hatch, small devils have been awaken. Nerge stood up and looked in the open ceiling, she roared and the babys comes right in to the giant whole.

The baby dragons are heading towards the Metro Region.
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Fleeing the babys...
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