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 A Call to his Champions...

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: A Call to his Champions...   A Call to his Champions... I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 08, 2011 4:22 pm

The Arden was stormed with words that the upcoming war is near yet again, the Rulers from other Dimensions were also present at that room. They were blabbering words that the common tongue cannot pronounce or the common ear cannot understand. Inside the Arden, they were in the Strategy Room. A huge circular room that displays the whole world of Cyberspace at the center, made out of the finest ice and finest projections that the faction can offer. It shows all inside and out, armies of the Titan King and Zenevas were present on the map.

Then The doors opened and the Titan King walks inside he was escorted by his Loyal subjects, Nagrand and Nerge.

The Demons stood up to show respect towards him. Then he sat down on his chair. One Demon now started an overview watch and a full scale assault at them.

"You highness. We have reported and confirmed attacks on the Cross Dimensions, each attacks are all of a sudden. They arrived just to stop what is coming at them. We have issued more of our forces towards those areas. These areas are the three main points of our key logistical posts. The areas are; The Snow Zone, Arial Zone and one Invasion at the Tower of Aracnii." he then sat down and another Demon spoke.

"The attacks are just minors. For now, but still we mustn't underestimate them. The key targets are the Puppetmaster and Xanatos, but we presume that others would come. We highly doubt that Grim and Vio shall be there as well... We do not know of their positions but we have calculated that they will." he then sat down and another enters his reports.

"My Lord we have confirmed that one of our glorious armada is heavily attacked, the confirmed death Toll is two ships out of a hundred. More are still coming as the first entry said, about an estimated range of thousands more to come for their aid." he stops and sat down.

The map did it's part to show the attacks.

The Titan King stood up and speaks while using the Map.
"As you all know these attacks is just the beginning there will be more of it and I am sure of it. I shall go there myself to command a counter offensive attack at this weak attack of our enemies towards our regions. The others will halt their advancement enabling a cripple attack. Nagrand, Darius, Sturmgeist and Garthonk will lead the second halt. And Me, Nerge and the rest will advance the invasion. If all fails we are going to be backed by Mulgore and Annihilan's massive pincer attack, surprising the enemy, as soon as we recover; me and Nerge shall fully invade the Tower of Aracnii. If we get there and manage to create ourselves a forward base, this war shall end very soon enough. This is war everyone... If blood shall stain once again and blood shall shower again. The rest of you will guard my Kingdom with your lives."

The Demons complied and agreed.

"Now we must wait for my Champions to come and I will briefly tell their missions."
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A Call to his Champions...
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