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 The Arden's Might

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Samael Sil'Drakul
Samael Sil'Drakul

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PostSubject: The Arden's Might   The Arden's Might I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 18, 2011 10:47 pm

The Elites of the Titan King has finally awaken once again, his vast armies of the Damned, Titan and all that he has combined all gathered in the Arden. They await his royal highness the Titan King.

At the Throne Room, the Titan King was still sitting in his Throne seeking guidance to his father Kane the Dark One. He has his blessings for all eternity. His eyes suddenly opens and he stood up, un-armored. His loyal servants were preparing to equip him the Legendary Armor of the Titan King. His scared face was hidden under a thick-long-white hair that was once filled with life. He wears the Helmet and took the Mighty Runed Spear Terrormourne, he fears the worst that his lost Relic may be on the hands of his enemies. But still he doesn't alter that problem, he exits the Throne Room and went on towards the Huge Open Balcony where Nerge awaits. The Titan King nears the Queen of all White Dragons and talked to her.

"So long we fought side by side again... Friend." said the Titan King, rarely said.

Nerge's eyes were a bit weird out by what her master said for such rear times, she answered with full respect and honors.

"It's been a pleasure fighting once again my Lord." she slowly lowered her head showing respect.

Nagrand on the other hand was circling high up in the air.

The Titan King took small steps towards the end of the balcony where thousands of kilometers down below is his armies waiting for him. He placed the Mighty Runic Spear Terrormourne at his side then gazed upon his very home, his home of peace.

"Now! Now is the hour my brave Legionnaires! For we would march into the caverns of war, where we shall defeat those who oppose us. Seeking out to destroy us, finish us all... Trying to eliminate us into our eternal damnation! Though some of you will face death, I don't. It is a matter of fact that we shall conquer death! Conquer your fear! And I promise you you will conquer death! There will be no peace until our enemy still draws breath! You will be unstoppable beyond this gates, I shall lead you all into utter victory! I shall lead you all! I shall show no mercy to all our enemies! I shall show no compassion nor piety to those how pledge themselves to me! But all is lost! All of you will fight! Under one Banner! The Arden! The Arden! All must serve the One...! True...! King!!!"

He raised the Mighty Spear high up in the air, the wind howls furiously and unstoppable. The Army of the Arden cheers and war cries, drums that made a chanting noise was heard through out the Arden Thunder storms and the Blizzard grew even more. The Titan King rides Nerge and they ride together. Nerge swooped down and glided down below, they were now flying.

"Now! I shall lead you to victory!" The Armies road of in the Necropolises, huge in numbers about thousands flew all together, more and more about millions suddenly showed up millions into trillions. All those who are willingly to fight.

Allura was left alone with her ten servants from the Titan King.
"Its to late... I have failed... I have thought everything, but now... I have failed to stop him from going... Blod shall once again stained the lands..." she cried all her tears out, not knowing that she was teleported right inside the Central Necropolis.
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The Arden's Might
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