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 Technique Rules

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PostSubject: Technique Rules   Technique Rules I_icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2012 9:22 pm

Technique Rules

-God mod abilities are practically auto-unapproved.

-Make sure you are aware of how much Techniques you are allowed to have, if you exceed, the mods or admins will ask you to remove some.-

-Be descriptive, make it colorful.-

-Do not constantly barrage mods and admins for approval.-

-Do not fail to follow the format. Mods will ignore your post.-

-Do not copy other people's techniques because it is a good idea. It will not be approved. You can ask them to mentor you for that technique.-

-Whenever you use a technique during a post, please place a quote at the end of your post that shows technique.

Name: [For obvious reasons]
Rank: [What rank is this available?]
Energy Cost: [How much energy does it cost to use?]
Requirements: [What requires it's use? Does it have a prerequisite technique or skill?]
Class: [Is it for Offense? Defense? Support? Decor?]
Element: [If it is an elemental spell, this is required.]
Effect: [What does it do, basically?]
Strengths: [Show how it will increase it's performance]
Weaknesses: [Everything has it's weaknesses and it's breaking points]
Cooldown: [Self - Explanatory]
Duration: [How long does until it expires? Instantly? Charge time? etc?]

The Dark bonds bind the bloodline. There is no escape. I must forge a path for the family.
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Technique Rules
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