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 Anubis Socartes Reon (Rhanta's Third Character)

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PostSubject: Anubis Socartes Reon (Rhanta's Third Character)   Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:09 pm

Name: Anubis Socartes Reon
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: Fairly tall for his age.
Weight: Not too fat, not too slim. Perhaps has the 'perfect figure' for somebody his age.



-Quick Reflexes
-Easily Adapts in any Situation
-Knows all sorts of information about the Undead
-Proficiency with any form of blade
-Proficiency with any form of gun



:Innate Capability

Rank: C
Picture or overall description:

Looks-Body: (Picture)
Looks-Face: (Picture)
Looks-Clothing: (Picture)
Personality: Anubis, unlike his ancestors, wasn't able to touch his link with the shadows. Silent and stealthy like Rhanta, he is as ruthless and cunning as Set. The bloodline's once trademark silvery-white hair was now tainted with purplish-black made everyone remember how rebellious young Anubis is. A visitor of the grave, he is familiar with the dead. He is a mercenary, but his tendency not to avoid fights make him suck in stealth missions.

Morality: Chaotic Neutral

Anubis doesn't like fighting, but loves to get in fights. He always tends to have his own side and pisses off others when he fights to get his way done.

Theme Song: N/A

Anubis Socartes Reon is the 9th Reon after a thousand years of absence of Rhanta, and Set's cyrokinesis. He nearly lost all traits of being a Reon physically (the silvery-white hair and the red eyes), and mutant-wise (affinity with shadows). He is currently 14, and is currently a hired mercenary who doesn't have anything to do with his life.

Do I know you from any site?: Yes
If Yes, you're (who) from what site?: You're me.
If No, you were told about us by?: (Surfing the net, friends, family, relatives, random)
RP Sample: ...
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Anubis Socartes Reon (Rhanta's Third Character)
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